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Third Sunday Of Lent

Greetings on this third Sunday of Lent! Where are you on this Lenten journey? Remember it’s a time to put those things that come between us and a deeper intimacy with Christ aside. What is keeping you from His love? Do you know? If you do, are you willing to give it up? Lent is also about what we decisively choose to do to nourish our relationship with Christ. Like all relationships,  withers from lack of tender loving care.  Is your relationship with Christ top priority in your life? These are the things we ought to dwell on during this time of Lent…

During our last meeting, we celebrated St. Patrick’s day, each of us had something green on and shared some delightful cookies. We talked about our Lenten journey, each of us in a unique relationship with Christ. We revisited a challenge from a few meetings ago to write the lyrics of one of our favorite songs. We read the lyrics and played each song during our meeting. While the songs we chose were altogether decent, we discovered that to some extent, the lyrics either seemed a little dumb but playful (The best song ever by One Direction) or a bit scandalous depending on who is interpreting it (Butterflies by Michael Jackson), but we also found in some that love is worth forgiving for (In his eye Jekyll and Hyde musical) and affirmation in married love (I feel wonderful tonight by Eric Clapton). We ended the evening listening to Hosea (Come back to me, With all your heart http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VrYhNWt03oE). It is worth listening to over and over again during Lent. Christ calls us to come back to him without fear to live in deeper intimacy with him….

I pray that you harden not your heart today if you hear Him call you….