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What is your friendship Style?

So much has occurred since the last post! Phew, the weeks fly by, our ladies have been meeting regularly every week and currently just moved out nights to Monday nights at 6:30PM.

Look who turned up at one of our meetings this year, yes, princess Marie! Marie is Elizabeth’s little girl and they both joined one of our meetings a couple of weeks ago. Thank you Elizabeth, we hope you’ll keep coming….


Our royal princess, Brianna, turned 15 in January and we celebrated Martina’s half birthday since her birthday falls during the summer break!Martina_half_BD

Our ladies took advantage of the “Reconciliation Service” that took place just before Christmas to reconcile themselves to Christ and the Church. What a way to prepare the way for the King. We were treated to a royal feast that same evening by our deacon’s wife, Diane and o what a feast it was.

Last week saw us at chapter 15 of our devotional ” His Princess, girl talk with God” by Sheri Rose titled “Relational Rides”. Before we read it, we took a quiz on our friendship styles from and discussed our challenges and how to improve upon them. Sheri Rose helped us understand that sometimes, girlfriends are kind of like an amusement park experience. Friends can be fun, exciting, exhausting, overwhelming–all like a wild ride. We sometimes forget how to ride our relationships the right way…In the next few weeks we will explore in detail what it means to be the type of friends we want to attract…So put on your seat belt and enjoy the ride…

Mary our dearest mother, be ever close to us as we learn what it means to be a real friend as you were to your cousin Elizabeth.

This week’s devotional

“A friend is always loyal, and a brother is born to help in time of need.”

—Proverbs 17:17